Astro Helix

Astro Helix
Turn your birth into a 4-foot-long astrological DNA helix mobile. You'll gaze for hours at your planets and zodiac as they twist from chaos into harmony.

Just like our jewelry, each rib is a House, Zodiac Sign, or Planet!

Planets: Semi-precious gemstones that look like the planets
Houses: Genuine faceted leaded crystals that throw rainbows
Zodiac Signs: Pewter Beads with zodiac symbols

Use yours for:

Feng Shui. Place in a corner to keep energy moving. If you place it in a sunny spot it will spin rainbows around the room.
Meditation. The gently spinning motion is hypnotic and you'll gaze at it for hours.
Healing. In Astrology, your chart is also a map of your body from head to toe. The 1st House/Aries is your head, Taurus is your neck, and so forth down to the 12th house/Pisces for your feet. When you stand in front of your AstroHelix Mobile, each Planet will fall exactly at its location in your body. We even have a Body and Soul Reading that you can also purchase to learn how each planet manifests in your health.

Each Astro Helix comes with a 2-speed motor that has a ceiling or hook mount, and a 15-page astrology interpretation printed on parchment paper.

Provide your date, time, and place of birth so that we can handcraft your unique DNA signature into a kinetic work of art.

Weight 2.00 lbs
Price: $249.95
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