Money Bracelet

Money Bracelet
Money astrology bracelet
These Money bracelets and anklets focus on bringing money into your life so that you are rewarded for all the good you bring into the world! If you're trying to overcome your "poverty consciousness" or increase your income, these bracelets and necklaces can help!

Your Money manifestation bracelet or anklet is an astrological alignment of semi-precious gemstone, sterling silver, and 14K gold-filled beads.

Each piece of jewelry comes with an instruction card with affirmations and explanations of the planets. Use it like a rosary or a mala to increase money in your life.Click here to point at each bead to see what it does to help your money situation!

Click here for more info about how Destiny jewelry works.

Ready to design your own custom Money jewelry? First, select the length you'd like. Then choose your favorite color or semi-precious gemstone to enhance a specific energy related to your love life.

Now, choose your favorite Sun. A brass & pewter Smiling Sun comes automatically, but you can also choose an Amber bead; a Sterling Silver ball, or a 12K Gold-filled ball.

Last, choose your Clasp. You can select a silver or gold Spring Ring for no charge. You can also choose a sterling silver Toggle clasp, which will add 3/4 inch; a silver Lobster clasp, adding 1/2 inch; or a 14K gold-filled Lobster clasp, also adding 1/2 inch.

Handstrung with intention and integrity in Oregon.
Weight 0.50 lbs
Price: $74.95
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Terry B
    My Money bracelet has arrived!  It's even more beautiful than I anticipated.  I really love it! Thanks!
  • Author: Darby T
    The money bracelet I bought a few years ago has been a wonderful, and "working", bracelet. I thank you everytime I have it on.
  • Author: Yvonne
    hello i just received my money bracelet, it is beautiful i really love it will be ordering one for each of my three daughters in dec. will call with info again thank you
  • Author: Annette K
    I went out gambling the night I got my Money bracelet. I won $800!
  • Author: Jill H
    I was shopping online and ordered a pair of boots that were far too expensive, but I just had to have. Within 20 minutes of submitting the order, my Money bracelet just fell apart--I hadn't caught it on anything or pulled on it in anyway--it just came apart! Evidently I should have meditated on the bracelet carefully BEFORE I placed that order! Thanks again for fixing it!
  • Author: Marne, Boulder CO
    Your bracelet for Money has landed me a job. The bracelet kept me feeling positive and faith filled, and yes, money was less stressful for me.
  • Author: Katie
    I bought the Money and Prosperity bracelet and started wearing it right away. I thought it was cute, so I wasn't worried about what it would bring. Within a week I ran into a woman I'd previously worked for. She asked me if I'd be available for a temp job--the timing was perfect for when my assignment ended. She hired me on the spot. The pay was $10 MORE per hour than I was currently making! The two-week assignment turned into 6 months, when I resigned in order to return to school.
  • Author: Shannon, Marilyn, and Judy in Portland OR
    For approximately 2 years now we have been purchasing a group lottery ticket, never winning. the day all 3 of us purchased a "Money" bracelet we won $114!